We all scream for ice cream!

Sooner rather than later, residents of Northfield and the surrounding towns will have another reason to scream. It was announced earlier this week that a brand-new ice cream shop will be opening its doors just in time for the summer 2022 season. Yum!

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The new ice cream joint will be located in the A-frame building right off of New Road in Northfield. They're calling it Sweet Spot Ice Cream Bar. Sure, it's a little chilly to be thinking about ice cream at the moment, but with an anticipated opening of Spring 2022, by then, you'll be counting down the days until summer. You'll definitely be excited to try out the new spot by then.

A Facebook page for the business has already been created. Also, the news has been shared within many South Jersey-based Facebook groups. Based on the comment section, residents are already excited to see what this new spot has to offer.

Now, there hasn't been an exact date specified as of yet for a hard opening, but as this winter comes and goes, no doubt even more updates will be shared about what we can expect to see on the menu as well as any details regarding an opening date.

Love to see all the new businesses popping up in South Jersey. We don't have too long to wait for this one.

You can check out the Sweet Spot Ice Cream Bar's business Facebook page HERE.

Source: Facebook

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