Sometimes I just don't get people.

I don't understand them. I don't understand their thought process.

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This is not to "rip anyone" or put anyone down - I just don't understand the thought process.

Earlier this week, I wrote an article about a local non-profit group planning to raise funds and hopefully build a new indoor ice rink/athletic facility in our area. Honestly, it's a product I could see getting behind a supporting.

In a nutshell, here's the idea: Thinking that the days of the Atlantic City Skate Zone in Atlantic City are numbered, the group is setting its sights on developing a rink complex somewhere in either Egg Harbor Township or Galloway Township. You can click here to read the full story.

In the story I mentioned that a representative of the group says they are looking at four possible sites in EHT and one in Galloway. While the specific site weren't named, the group is working with a commercial real estate agent to possible secure one of the sites.

Once the story was posted, it was read by thousands of people throughout the area, and shared on some community Facebook pages and more.

It was genuinely nice to see people express their support for such a facility.

Now - here's the part I don't get.

A number of people suggested their own ideas for possible sites for the project - sites, that, in my opinion, kind of suck.

Really. Suck.

There, I said it.

Among the suggestions that were mentioned for the project: the Harbor Square Shopping Center (better known to most as the former Shore Mall), the former Pathmark Shopping Center in Pleasantville/EHT, vacant space in the Hamilton Mall, and the area of the former Atlantic City Race Course in Hamilton Township/Mays Landing. Someone also mentioned re-using some "dead property" on the Black Horse Pike.

What's wrong with these places?

Frankly, everything.

The idea for the rink seems like it would be a community/non profit entity. I get that. Sure. Great. But, in the end, it would have to operate like a business in order to survive and thrive. So, for purposes here, and here alone, let's go ahead an call it "a business."

If I'm building a new business in this area, I am not locating that business is a dying (or dead) shopping center or mall. I'm not building where many others have failed. I'm not locating my business in a 40 or 80 year old building.

In short, I don't want "everybody else's problems!"

I don't want my new business going up where others are falling apart. I don't want to build in a place with a crappy pothole filled parking lot, or in a shopping area where traffic flow sucks, and just pulling up the business is a hassle because of long-ago bad traffic flow decisions.

No, I want to build on a parcel of land that I can start from zero. A place where I can build fresh and literally, from the ground up. I want new parking lots, easy in and out aprons and driveway to a major highway. I want good access. I want a building that is built correctly - for the purpose I am using it.  I want a place where lighting is good and my customers or patrons feel safe in visiting.

You take your new business to a dump, and see what luck you have.

We can't save every old blighted piece of property, but we can bulldoze it all and start over - fresh and new.

Let's hope that's the idea of the people behind the proposed rink complex.

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