Does your pet misbehave during the holidays? They all do, don't they?

A survey posted by Co-op Insurance highlights the 10 naughtiest things pets do during the Christmas season. Seriously though, the accuracy is hilarious.

Check it out:

  • 1

    Knock Down Decorations

    The survey shows that 33% of all pets somehow knock down decorations at one point or another during the holiday season.

    We all have that kitty or puppy dog that loves Christmas balls and tinsel, right?

  • 2

    Pull Down The Christmas Tree

    Number one on the list leads directly to number two. If your pet is even slightly obsessed with Christmas ornaments (25% of all pets to be exact), then chances are you're tree's come tumbling down a time or two over the years.

  • 3

    Eaten Christmas Ornaments

    See number two for the intro to number three. This one is especially true if you have any kitties in your household. They LOVE tinsel!

    If you have a pup, then you've definitely been on a wild goose chase for Grandma's 50-year-old ornament that Sparky just won't let alone.

  • 4

    Used The Tree as a Potty

    I mean, don't they all?

  • 5

    Ruined Decorations

    Oh, this one is BEYOND true. It doesn't matter if you're referring to the Christmas tree decorations or home decor. At least one decoration gets ruined every year.

    This is NOT up for debate.

  • 6

    Ripped Open Christmas Presents

    The sparkly wrapping paper has to be the reason why pets see all Christmas presents like tennis balls just waiting to be eaten or thrown across the room.

  • 7

    Eaten the Christmas Meat

    The survey shows that 7% of pets try to taste the Christmas roast beast. Can't say you blame them though, right?

  • 8

    Eaten the Christmas Side Dishes

    If it's not the turkey, it's something else.

  • 9

    Gotten Into The Christmas Candy

    Have you ever had to make a trip to the hospital with your pup because he or she broke into the Christmas chocolates? 7% of pet owners say yes.

  • 10

    Eaten a Present

    This last one isn't just referring to the wrapping but the gift itself. How many action figures has your fur baby gotten its mouth on? The answer is probably more than one.

    Nevertheless, we love them anyway!

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