If we ever get out of here, we're ruined!

Living in South Jersey has ruined us for the rest of our lives, if we ever happen to move away.

Here's 10 ways:

  • 1


    Wawa has ruined us for convenient fast and easy food. No convenience store makes better hoagies (or subs, or whatever you want to call it). As a matter of fact, no convenience store has a better marketing concept than Wawa's "Hoagie Fest." Yeah, I've seen those other-named convenience stores outside of South Jersey, and I don't even want to stop. Gotta Love Wawa.

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  • 2

    Self Serve Gas

    Speaking of Wawa, pull up to the pumps, and stay in your car. Try doing that in another state! No matter the weather, someone else puts the gas in your car. Try that in Pennsylvania, or Florida, or New Mexico!

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  • 3

    The Ocean

    You can't beat living near the ocean! You can swim in it, boat on it, jump in it, walk by it, sit  and stare and it, drive along it. You can't sit and state at the ocean in Iowa - there, you can only stare at corn.

  • 4

    The Boardwalk

    We don't just have one boardwalk, we have several. Walk, run, or just hang out.

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  • 5


    Throughout South Jersey, we have many varied and wonderful places to eat! Take Atlantic City for instance: What other city with a population of 38,000 has so many dining options?

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  • 6

    Cat Country 107.3

    OK, this is just us with a quick plug, reminding you about the greatest country music radio station in America. Thank you!

  • 7

    The Driving

    In New Jersey, WE know how to drive! It's the idiots from other states that don't know what they're doing! You leave New Jersey, and you might as well just walk everywhere.

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  • 8


    Nowhere else has as much fun as we do! The beaches, the boardwalks, the casinos, the amusement parks. We Know Fun!

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  • 9

    Cape May Zoo

    Wait! It's a great, clean zoo with a wide variety of animals - and it's free! Yep! (Even though it's free, please make a donation as you enter the park.)

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  • 10

    The Parks

    From the Pinlands, to the Bellplain State Forest, to Corson's Inlet State Park, we do parks right in South Jersey!

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