If you're hoping for a more festive Valentine's with your sweetheart than just hanging at home, there are plenty of socially-distanced, open-air options at more than a dozen South Jersey wineries and vineyards.

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It's safe to say the you and your sweetie have probably logged a lot of 'Netflix and chill' and take-out time over the last year. Or maybe you're in a new relationship and want to make it a memorable first Valentine's Day. Lucky for you, we found a nice list of reasons to take your love (whatever the status may be) off the couch and out to sample some locally-crafted varietals of wine and other romantic festivities.

Thanks to Outer Coastal Plains Vineyard Association (via Patch.com) for bringing these to our attention. You'll find more complete details below, just keep scrolling.

13 Romantic SJ Winery Events to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Events/Wineries featured:

SOURCES: Patch.com via Gloucester Twp. Patch/Facebook; outercoastalplain.com

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