We have learned that two local, Atlantic County, New Jersey residents are currently appearing on the new Netflix reality television series, Dated and Related.

Before you get all worked up about the title of this show; the premise is not what you initially would think. It’s not a wild show about incest or anything like that.

But, the provocative title certainly does grab your attention, doesn’t it?

The two locals who have made the cast are Christopher Hahn from Galloway Township and Jason Cohen of Margate City.

The new Netflix, 10 episode series first aired at midnight on Thursday, September 1, 2022.

All 10 episodes are available on demand.

It’s a dating show, whereby siblings, or, other relatives join together at a resort. They are all single.

Family members are brought in during various episodes to help their relatives find the love of their life on the show.

The contestants are competing for a $100,000 prize that the winning couple will receive.

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The contestants come from both The United States and The United Kingdom. The television program features siblings and cousins, with two sets of twins, both from The UK.

The show features unconditional love, displayed by devoted family members, along with the usual hi-jinx you would expect from a reality television program.

Dated and Related was filmed in the South of France and each of the 10 episodes are between 30-50 minutes long.

The first episode is the longest and the finale is the shortest episode, time wise.

SOURCE: Netflix

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