Devastating news has been released from Mays Landing about a little girl, 2-year-old Darcy, who will have to fight for the rest of her foreseeable future to recover from awful burns she had to endure as a result of what her family says was "a tragic accident".

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The Johnston family of Hamilton Township are currently doing everything they can to make sure their little girl Darcy is getting the absolute best care she can possibly have after witnessing what was, no doubt, the most difficult sight a parent can possibly see. Little Darcy is currently almost completely bandaged as a result, with the burns covering almost 30% of her body. TRAGIC!

Darcy's father, Charles Johnston, as well as Darcy's grandmother, Kelly Wigglesworth, have been sharing Darcy's progress via Facebook. She will need multiple surgeries going forward, so all South Jersey residents are being encouraged to help out this local family in any way they can. The family also has two other children, an older daughter and a baby boy, exact ages unknown.

When speaking to Charles about all they've had to go through thus far regarding treatment for Darcy as well as morale within the family unit, he shared that while it's been extremely difficult for everyone, watching Darcy overcome this injury while maintaining her upbeat and silly personality has been what's kept them all moving forward.


"We have to make a lot of hard decisions for her and it weighs on us, but Darcy's strength and resilience is overwhelming. She's a tough girl."
-Charles Johnston, Darcy's father


If you'd like to help out the Johnston family in their fight to heal little Darcy, you can do so via Darcy's GoFundMe page HERE.

Hang in there, Johnston's! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Source: Facebook

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