It's unfortunate for all involved to hear the fate of a young man from Ocean County after his involvement in a drunk driving accident from April of last year.

Reports claim that 25-year-old Jeydon Lowe of Barnegat was charged with both vehicular homicide and aggravated manslaughter after crashing his car in Stafford Township back in April 2020 which resulted in the death of passenger Robert Parlin. Reports previously published claim that Lowe was speeding and intoxicated when his car smashed a tree along Stafford Avenue last year. Parlin reportedly died at the scene.

Get our free mobile app reveals remarks made by the Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer that basically suggest this entire situation could've been prevented if more individual responsibility had been taken the night of the incident:

“Let me be clear: drunk driving kills, and it has the potential to tear families apart. Sadly, these types of cases are wholly preventable, particularly in this day and age of Uber, Lyft and other readily available transportation services. While this young defendant will go to prison for a long time for his senseless conduct on the night in question, nothing will bring Mr. Parlin back to his family.”

Lowe has been sentenced to seven years in prison as a result of his reckless actions on that spring night in 2020. Before he's even eligible for parole, reports that he must first serve over eight percent of his sentence. More specifically, he wont' be eligible to apply for parole until he's completed 85% of the time. So, Lowe will remain in prison for at least five years before this option even becomes available to him; almost six.



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