Generation X, millennials, and Gen Z-cupsers will tell you that one of the areas people in these generations differ the most is when it comes to having children.

Have children. Don't have children. Honestly, it's a personal choice. What isn't cool, however, is to shame someone one way or the other.

Unfortunately, people 28-45 are still doing that to each other each and every day. Whether or not you're happy with your choice really doesn't matter to anyone else.

If you don't want children, that's great for you. You probably have your reasons. That doesn't mean, however, that you can look down on people who have chosen the path of a family life.

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The same goes for parents, though. That's a topic that doesn't get talked about enough. If there are people you know that don't have children, it's not your business as to why that is. Maybe they had hoped to be in a better place financially before bringing children in the world? Perhaps they come from a family with mental illness and don't want to pass along that gene.

There are sooo many reasons why people don't have children. It's not your place to ask why they don't have any.

A new study has discovered the phrases that people without kids are sick of hearing from their friends who chose to be parents.

1.) "Did you see the new Instagram pics?"

Listen, nobody's knocking you for becoming a parent, but it's true when they say nobody cares about your kid more than you do. No offense, but if all you share to social media are pictures and videos of your children, you can't blame people for muting you from time to time. It's not that they don't love you and your kids, but sometimes if you're posting too often, it turns into overkill.

2.) "You think you're tired now? Wait until you have kids!"

Spoiler alert: not everybody wants kids. Also, maybe you don't understand the burden of infertility. When you say that to someone who DESPERATELY wants to be a parent, but has trouble conceiving, it can be hurtful. You have no idea how badly some of these families want to be parents. The fact that they can't is hard enough without you kicking them while they're down.

3.) "You're missing the greatest joy in life."

Sure, that might be true FOR YOU. Some people know they're not the type of people that would make good parents. That's perfectly okay. As a matter of fact, it's responsible. There are also people that LOVE children, but for whatever reason, don't want any of their own. Guess what? They're allowed to blaze their own trail. Not everybody wants that lifestyle.

I say all of this to also say that I know, at least most of the time, these comments are made with good intentions. Still, sometimes they sting. These comments can also make childless adults feel like you don't respect their lifestyle because they chose a route different than yours.

Spoiler alert: some of us might not have children, but we're working 10+ hours per day sometimes 5, 6, 7 days a week so we don't wind up financially screwed like our parents before us. Guess what? We're tired, too!

Just because some of us don't have kids doesn't mean we don't have a right to express our fatigue. That also doesn't mean that our lives have no meaning.

Just stop saying this stuff, okay?


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