What's the one food you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone that doesn't absolutely love it? That's pizza, of course.

Here in South Jersey, we're so lucky to live somewhere that serves up so many great pies from almost everywhere you go. Let me tell you, it is NOT the same for the rest of the country. I recently took a trip to Nashville and their pizza is NOTHING like what we have here in Jersey. If you ever want a reason to be thankful that you live in the Garden State, let pizza be that reason.


I feel bad for whomever was given the task to choose the best pizza joints in the state. There's so many great ones to sample. I will say, however, whomever made the list wasn't biased! South Jersey has a few pizza places that actually made it into the list of NJ's top 15 *new* pizza joints!

1.) Nostra Pizza Italian Eatery in Voorhees

According to NJ.com, this place hasn't even been open for a year yet. People are apparently loving it, though! Their specialty pies include what they call a "Wise Guy" which includes sausage and long hots on it. They also have Brooklyn style pizza, a Grandma pizza, and margherita, too.

Find out more about Nostra's HERE.

2.) Vero Pizza by Antimo Lamberti

If the name "Lamberti" sounds familiar to you, that's because it's the family behind a bunch of different Lamberti locations in Camden County. Usually associated with upscale dining, the Lamberti name now has a pizza joint to add to the bunch. Lamberti reportedly acquired Vero's about a year ago and have been serving up some of the best of tomato pies in the area ever since. Read more HERE.

3.) Tacconelli’s Pizzeria in Haddon Township

The Tacconelli name isn't new to the pizza business. In fact, back in 2017, they made the top 10 list for best pizza places. Since then, they've opened up a location in Haddon Township, Camden County, even further solidifying their place in South Jersey's heart. Just so you know, they're known for their sauce. Everything you need to know about Tacconelli's Pizzeria can be found HERE.

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Maybe next year we'll see even more South Jersey pizzerias in the top 15.

Source: NJ.com

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