The weather in South Jersey has been miserable lately. It's been cloudy and raining for most of the past few weeks. It almost feels like we are in England or Seattle. Honestly, it's been miserable. The cloudy weather is affecting everyone's moods, with our moods mimicking the weather. We just need a few sunny days to make everything feel alright.

Mother Nature can be cruel sometimes. Here we are in June and not a sunny day on the horizon for the next few days. We are collectively over it. These 5 GIFs will probably accurately how you've been feeling lately.

1. You may just want to crawl back into bed.

2. You may have just accepted that you will never see the sun again.

3. You may just want to cry in the rain, at least the rain drops will hide your tears.

4. You may try to disguise your emotions, but the truth will come out.

5. You may be grasping at anything that will distract you from the clouds.

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