Thanksgiving is coming up. It's on a Thursday this year!

We started thinking about Thanksgiving and how to make the holiday as "South Jersey" as possible. That is, this Thanksgiving could only take place in South Jersey.

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So, here's what we've come up with. (These are from our staff, plus some who've responded to posts on social media.)

1. Send invites to your out-of-the-area relatives inviting them to "Thanksgiving Down the Shore." Yes, it's nothing we who live here say, but they say it.

2. Pork Roll Stuffing. People put sausage in their stuffing, so why not South Jersey's own Pork Roll. We actually looked for a recipe online and found one here. (Let us know how it turns out.) If not Pork Roll Stuffing, Scrapple Stuffing?

On Facebook, Patti suggested "Turkey wrapped in pork roll!"

3. Something has to be from Wawa. Definitely. Maybe the coffee?

Idazle commented on Facebook: "Everyone gets a Wawa turkey bowl."

Joan suggested serving a South Jersey thing: "Turkey subs instead of a huge dinner.

4. Cranberry Sauce, with cranberries straight from a New Jersey cranberry bog.

On Facebook, Dawn had the same idea: "Going out to the cranberry bog to harvest your own cranberries then cooking them on a campfire."

5. "Tomato sandwiches for everyone," suggest Lewis. Meanwhile, Jan chimed in with "Tomato casserole with marshmallows." (What???)

6. Here's a definite South Jersey Stuffing Idea! Joanne says, "Oysters and/or clams “falling out” the opening….."

7. Also on Facebook, Neala said, "squirrel casserole" would be something to serve at a South Jersey Thanksgiving.

8. "Deer Meat on the table too," says Skip.

Well, there are some ideas to make your Thanksgiving a truly South Jersey Thanksgiving. What do you got?

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