There was a pig photographed behind a Mays Landing area restaurant and a social media site had some fun.

There's app (and website) called Nextdoor. It's a social media site, which I refer to as "Twitter for old people."

Anyone can sign up, and it's kind of like a bulletin board for your community. People post lost dog alerts, requests for lawn service, "What was that sound?" questions, and things like that. Maybe it's more like "Facebook for old people...."

All sorts of neighborhoods and communities are represented on Nextdoor, and it's a way to keep track of what's happening around you, and maybe assist a neighbor or two when you can.

It can also be a source of fun and frivolity for people like me.

Here's a post from the other day in Mays Landing:

While the posts can be entertaining, sometimes the comments are even better!

Take a look:

* "I frequently get the pork chop when dining at Maplewood, Now I see the source ;-)"

*"They do have the freshest bacon."

*"OMG its my ex girlfriend do not feed her she is very dangerous just let her find another..."

There's no word on what happened to the wild pig - if it ended up in someone's BLT or it ended up with a new boyfriend.

If you see animals that don't belong somewhere, snap some photos a send them to us. We need some more jokes!

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