We're seeing more and more of those big blue vans - the Amazon vans - in South Jersey. Amazon is delivering bringing packages and smiles to everyone.

Wait. Not quite everyone.

Gina and Rob live in Mays Landing. Gina tells me they were out running some errands Saturday and when they returned, they found a surprise left by an Amazon driver - some big ruts in their lawn - made by the Amazon driver, who apparently had some sort of problem staying on their driveway. Actually, it looks like he (or she) took a big shortcut right across their grass!

Now, there was no note left by the driver or anything like that. Gina says they easily determined it was the Amazon driver based on footage from their Ring Doorbell. Gina says she clearly sees the truck stuck - then a black truck pulls in and helps out the driver. She assumes the driver of the black truck was a Good Samaritan who was trying to help out the Amazon driver.

Courtesy of Gina, Mays Landing
Courtesy of Gina, Mays Landing

So, again, the couple comes home, sees the ruts, doesn't find a note. Then what?

"We had just spent money getting seed laid to hopefully grow better grass for next year. I was very upset", says Gina. "I immediately called Amazon. I got transferred four times and then finally got to someone who told me that they filed my complaint and the driver would be 'coached'."

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Gina says when she asked the Amazon representative what would be done to fix their lawn, he got "a nasty attitude and said nothing." After saying it was unacceptable she was transferred to someone else, and was told she'd have to file a claim, and pass along photos and multiple estimates from landscapers. As of this writing, she's still waiting on Amazon for further resolution.

It looks like, based on estimates, the repair work will be anywhere from two to three THOUSAND dollars.

Looking at the photos, I can easily see that it's not a small, skinny driveway. I checked with the National Weather Service and they confirmed that there were no freak snow storms in the area that would have blanketed the driveway.

So, Amazon, what's up? The ball seems to be in your court.

Oh, and if you're the driver, couldn't you have at least left a note?

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