If there's one household chore that you'll beat yourself up over if you forget to do it, it's taking out the trash.

You know how annoyed you feel when it slipped your mind that today was trash day and you forgot to put the cans out? I don't know about your family, but if we forgot, my mom would load up the car and bring it to my grandmother's house since her trash day was two days after ours.

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Apparently, a select few in Egg Harbor Township are confused about what's up with the trash collection in their part of town this week. According to a post shared within an Egg Harbor Township-based Facebook group, some people didn't have their trash picked up on the usual day. Now, if it were a holiday week or if a truck was broken down, you'd usually get an alert. Multiple residents say they hadn't received anything.

One person who commented said she actually called the township to inquire about the issue. They told her they're unsure why her trash wouldn't have been picked up on its scheduled day and at the scheduled time. Has anybody else ever had this issue?

Again, it would be one thing if there weren't enough workers for the route or if there was an issue internally with the equipment, but the township usually makes an issue like that known to residents so they're not dragging their cans to the curb for nothing.

Apparently, they were only a day late, so at least the trash won't be sitting for a whole additional week. Weird though, right?

Let us know if you have the answer to why trash pick-up in EHT was a little wonky this week.

Source: Facebook

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