Murder in Atlantic City.

Officials say a couple was stabbed in their apartment, and a Pleasantville woman did it.

Atlantic County Prosecutor  Damon Tyner says the stabbing occured at 6:35 Wednesday morning in the Iowa Avenue apartment of Raphy Rodriguez, 34, and his wife, Jennifer Rodriguez, 34.

Rollie Ellis, 28, of Pleasantville has been charged in the case.

Officials say some sort of altercation took place and Ellis stabbed both the husband and wife. They say Jennifer Rodriquez was able to escape after she was stabbed, and run to the nearby police department, across from the apartment complex. She was found in the lobby of the police station, unresponsive and bleeding from a head wound.

Jennifer Rodriguez was transported to the hospital, where she died from her injuries.

Meanwhile, Raphy Rodriguez was able to escape the apartment, and flag down a police officer, He was rushed to the hospital, and is expected to survive.


SOURCE: Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office

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