The unthinkable can happen to anyone. Even when u least expect it. And for this AC family of 3, it did.

Credit: Yasminne Marie via
Credit: Yasminne Marie via

Katelynn who works a late shift, was at work on Monday night while her loved one, Cristhian, was at home with their 6-year-old son, Cristhian Jr. . A little after midnight on May 1,  she got a phone call that changed everything within that moment. A call that informed her that her home was on fire.

An electric heater had set the house up in flames. Thankfully, Cristhian woke up and was able to get out of the house safely with their son and their dog Mikie. Everyone is safe, but as you can assume, the fire has left this family with nothing. They've lost everything.

Have you ever tried painting on a large white canvas? A blank slate can either be scary or inspiring to start a new. In this case, starting from scratch is scary to imagine for this family. But you can help them turn that blank canvas into something inspiring! Let's help this family in any way we can to bring them back on their feet.

In just one day, our community has raised a little under $1,000 to help out this family. So whether it's through donation to their Go-Fund-Me page, or simply commenting, liking and sharing their story to help bring attention to their need; any little bit you do can add some color to their new painting!

If you know someone out there like Katelynn, Cristhian, Cristhian Jr. and Mikie who are in need of a little extra dose of good, send us a message to our Facebook page and tell us your story!

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