With all the awful things happening to children in our area lately, it's somewhat comforting to hear that one person who caused serious harm is finally being brought to justice.

A 48-year-old Atlantic City man has been convicted of child endangerment and neglect of three children who lived with him.

NJ.com shared a report from BreakingAC.com about Miguel Vargas, a man who was convicted on Monday after neglecting three, possibly four, children that lived with him. Three of the children reportedly told the court of the abhorrent atrocities they endured at the hands of Vargas including being left for days without food.

Vargas also apparently left the children without proper medical attention. One boy testified that he's now blind because of an infection in his eye that received no medical attention whatsoever.

The children were finally freed after one of the girls escaped in 2015 and reported Vargas to police.

Hopefully, this monster finally receives the sentence he deserves. These children deserve justice.

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