As the weather begins to change, so does our mindset.  We want to get out of the house and experience some nice things.

Is there anything better then perfectly made steak on a Friday night at a great steakhouse?

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How about getting out to experience one of the great steakhouses in right here in Atlantic City. One steakhouse restaurant in Atlantic City has been named the best for steakhouse in the state of New Jersey

The website LoveFood has put together a list of the best steakhouse in every state and picked Morton's The Steakhouse as the very best in New Jersey.

The criteria that LoveFood used to make their choices combined “user reviews, awards, and accolades, and the first-hand experience of their team."

Another underrated thing about Morton's is their attention to details.  A co-worker recently went to their and told me they had a special menu, congratulating her boyfriend on his new job and came over to the table to congratulate him on his new gig, took their picture and gave them the picture in a frame.

There are a ton of great steakhouses, not only in Atlantic City, but throughout the state of New Jersey, so which if your favorite?

Find the full list of the best steakhouses across America here.

See if our readers agree with this list below.

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