Sometimes, you see posts or videos online or via social media that restore a bit of you faith back into humanity.

This series of videos is definitely one of them. Posts are currently making the rounds on social media of a South Jersey man who had to ascend to great heights in an effort to rescue a cat from a tree in Atlantic County. This tree wasn't a measly 10-footer. In fact, the tree doesn't even measure anywhere close that.

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This man had to have ascended at least 15+ feet in the air. It could have even been closer to 20+. There's no real way to tell by the video alone. Still, you can tell he had to climb pretty high in order to even have a chance of saving the poor cat.

The first video posted by Jerry Gant of Milmay, the owner of Redtail Tree Service, begins with the ascension towards the cat.

The next few videos show just how much effort and precision it takes to make a rescue like that from such great heights. This would NOT have been a job for anyone who thinks they have acrophobia (fear of heights).

Finally, after a few minutes and a few growls from the flustered feline, the rescue was made!

You know what they say, don't you? "Curiosity killed the cat." Whatever caused the cat to scurry up that tree didn't get the best of the little guy this time. Kudos to this good Samaritan who clearly has a soft spot for all the fur babies out there. This one's lucky he (or she) didn't fall out of the tree before getting rescued!

Check out the whole story below:

Source: Facebook

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