UPDATE: Since sharing this story on the air, the Scullville Fire Department has reportedly arrived on scene after hearing us talk about it this morning. Also, we have to send a special shout-out to Amanda from Sweet Property Maintenance who was going to have her company head out there to see what they could do if the firemen hadn't shown up first.


You don't hear a lot of stories like this anymore. It almost sounds like a situation right out of 'Leave It To Beaver'.

We've got a cat situation in Egg Harbor Township that's already been going on for about twenty-four hours at this point. EHT resident Melinda was shocked to find a super young cat trapped in a tree along Leap Street in Egg Harbor Township that's about two and a half stories high. She happened to hear the cat meowing as she was out for a walk with her dogs yesterday.

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Melinda's friend found out about the incident and called into the show today to see if Joe and I could help her out. After speaking to Melinda directly, we found out that she contacted everyone that we would have if we were in the same situation. She contacted non-emergency services, tree services, and even a few friends she thought might be able to assist with a rescue.

After heading out to the same spot today, she saw what she expected: the cat is, indeed, still in the same place she left it. The concern is obvious: who knows when this poor little guy (or girl) last ate or drank anything. If a rescue doesn't happen soon, we're all pretty scared to face what'll most likely be the outcome. If you can help rescue the kitty, reach out to us right now on the Cat Country 107.3 App and we'll let you know all the details.

Please help us save this kitty!

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