Spirit Airlines said yesterday it will charge customers a $100 fee for a carry-on bag at the gate not paid for in advance. Yes, $100 for a bag that you carry onto a plane that you didn't let them know about in advance.

If you carry on a bag, you can let the airline know ahead of time - and "only" pay a fee ranging from $20  to $50. Of course, if you check your bags, you still have to pay to pay a different fee.

So, let's say you take the kids down to Florida to visit the grandparents. Grandpa gives little Billy a football set that Billy has been asking for. You can't cram the gift into your-already over-stuffed luggage, so you just figure Billy can carry it onto the plane with him. At the gate, the agent informs you that you have to cough up one hundred bucks to take the $29 gift onto the plane with you. So, what happens next? Billy's football set is thrown in the Spirit Airlines' trash can and Billy is crying his eyes out on the whole flight from Fort Lauderdale.

Now, let me say, I love Spirit - I fly Spirit several times a year. The people are friendly, the flights are convenient, and the flight prices, absent of luggage fees, are reasonable. I just think next time I fly, I'll be wearing 12 shirts, 6 pair of shorts, and 8 underwear. (Mom always told me to always pack extra underwear - just in case....)



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