It may not technically be summer yet in terms of the date on the calendar, but summer 2022 is in full swing at all of New Jersey's beaches.

Once Memorial Day Weekend comes and goes, it's officially beach season in the Garden State. With that being said, do you ever find yourself taking more care or precautions when you're at the beach either before or after the season starts? Maybe not as you've gotten older, but as a teen and into your early twenties, it's common to be more alert and aware of beach conditions while enjoying the shore out of season than it is once the summer season finally kicks off.

Why is that? One word: lifeguards.

It's only natural to be more cautious when you know you'll have to fend for yourself if anything goes wrong. Once the summer season is in full swing, it's not uncommon for that weight of fending for yourself to lift a bit off of your shoulders now that the lifeguards are back at their post.

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Still, there are some conditions in the surf that even a lifeguard can't necessarily save you from, one of them being a rip current. The National Weather Service describes rip currents almost like they're natural treadmills that can leave you exhausted if you try to swim your way out of them. Rip currents are responsible for fatalities almost every single year along New Jersey's coastline. The best thing you can do if you find yourself caught in one this beach season is to float and not fight it until you've escaped the current and can attempt to swim to shore.

For more information on what to do should find yourself caught in a current, click HERE.


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