You know the saying..."If you can't stand the heat, get into the pool." Well maybe it doesn't go quite like that, but it should! When it is just too hot to exercise outdoors, taking a dip in the pool, ocean or lake is a great way to keep you fit outdoors during these hot summer days.  Don’t skip your workout because it’s too hot, instead say cool in the pool. Swim workouts are some of the most beneficial for your body.

Swimming and water workouts are not just good cardiovascular training , but they are great for resistance training as well.  While in the pool, if you aren’t moving constantly you are sinking - so there’s a forced cardio factor. Your muscles under water are constantly under resistance; the water is  800 times more dense than air so it makes your muscles work harder.

The low-impact of water workouts is great for older adults, overweight people and injured athletes. Also, you can swim at higher intensities without feeling the wear and tear on your body that you would on land.

Gazan Athletes Prepare For International Competition
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Swimming is fantastic for your lungs since it requires your lungs to take in more fresh air with every breath and use oxygen more efficiently. By being able to take in and effectively use oxygen, swimming increases your endurance, which makes you better at other cardio exercises. Swimming also helps reduce stress and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels while increasing cardiovascular performance and central nervous system health.  Swimming also helps improve blood flow to the brain.

There are so many wonderful benefits to a swim workouts, so grab your bathing suit, goggles and towel and jump into a healthier life!

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