One thing south jersey has, is a ton of great options for Italian food and some great Italian restaurants.

Heading out to an Italian restaurant is an experience and everyone has their favorite spots, but which ones are truly the best?

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Get our free mobile app recently ranked the top 50 greatest Italian restaurants in the entire state of New Jersey, with multiple Italian spots in South Jersey making the Top 50 list put together by writer Peter Genovese, with some help from Bobby Olivier and Stephanie Rizzolo.

These four spots from Atlantic and Cape May County stood out, making the list of the Top 50 in the entire state of New Jersey.

First up, coming in at number 39 is Sapore Italiano way down at 416 S Broadway in West Cape May.

One of the standout dishes that the article mentions if you make the trip to Sapore Italian is the gnocchi and the gnocchi pomodoro (one of three gnocchi dishes on the menu per the writer).

The recommendation is to try the langostinos.

The giant grilled shrimp perch imposingly on the plate like warriors about to do battle. Dressed lightly with extra virgin olive oil and lemon, they’re a treat, and a killer photo op besides.

Next, up at No. 33 on the list is Spiaggetta, located at 9800 3rd Ave, Stone Harbor, which the writer mention his favorite dish being the "classic spaghetti pomodoro, in a house-made basil marinara and drizzled with Tuscan olive oil."

The recommendation is to try the pork, veal, and beef meatballs,

Each the size of Delaware and topped with fresh mozzarella, pesto, bechamel sauce and marinara.

Getting into the Top 15 is a longtime Atlantic City favorite, Chef Vola's, located at 11 S Albion Place.

Established in 1921, Chef Vola is one of the toughest tables to get in town, but if you can get a table you have to try the veal parmesan on the bone.

The veal parmesan is legend, and so is the banana cream pie.

One spot from the top is another Atlantic City classic, Cafe 2825, located at 2825 Atlantic Ave.  The article lists plenty of Italian favorites:

Mozzarella and caesar salad are made table-side, and once seated, patrons are served wedges of parmigiano reggiano sliced from a 90-pound block of cheese regally perched at one end of the bar. The pork — love the name — is a daunting, delicious pork chop stuffed with mozzarella and broccoli rabe. The rigatoni bolognese made our list of the state’s 25 best Italian dishes.

While there were plenty of Italian dishes that made the list of things to try if you can get a table, it was their coconut cream cheesecake that topped the list of must-haves if you are lucky enough to eat here.

These four stood out, but are there others that are your favorite?  Let us know!

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