Do you plan on retiring in New Jersey, or will you be joining the seemingly 98% of others who choose to retire in Florida?

While Florida and other warm places might prove attractive to some, you may be able to retire right here in New Jersey.

(Some of us might call it: Living the Dream!)

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Hammonton called great place to retire in New Jersey

The editors of say Hammonton would be a very budget-friendly place to retire.

Think of it - all the blueberries you could eat, ever!

Besides being the Blueberry capital of the world, "Hammonton," according to editors,  "is home to numerous wineries and sprawling vineyards, culminating in green natural scenery."

A recent article says Hammonton is home to some great open spaces like the nearby Wharton State Forest. Recreational activities abound, and there are plenty of nature-things.

"Those who prefer to stay away from the wilderness can watch entertaining plays at Eagle Theater, which attracts enthusiasts of all ages. The town has the Hammonton Senior Center to care for pensioners when old age proves challenging. As well as this, the median housing price is less than the United States average at $399,900."

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Other great things about Hammonton for retirees

Hammonton sits in the middle of Philadelphia and Atlantic City - so you're really not that far away from a big city, or a fun and entertaining city.

Hammonton possesses small-town charm, and the cost of living is lower - again because it's not too close to the big city and not too close to the beaches.

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Google Maps

Other good places in New Jersey to retire

WorldAtlas names some other budget-friendly places to retire in New Jersey, including Rahway, Hoptacong, Phillipsburg, Sparta, Vernon, and West Milford,



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