The weather has been beautiful and people are spending more and more time outside to get some of the Vitamin D the missed out on over the winter. South Jersey is full of some beautiful trails, here are just a few of them.

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    Apple Pie Hill

    Known for its fire tower giving some beautiful views of the Pine Barrens, Apple Pie Hill is a staple in South Jersey. Although the fire tower was closed down to the public back in September of 2016, because of safety concerns and vandals, the area is still beautiful. There is no guarantee, but you may be able to schedule a visit up the tower with New Jersey Forest Fire Service Division B. Plus it kind of looks like a heart. Get the scoop on Apple Pie Hill here.



    Do you love birds? Do you love bird watching? If you answered yes to both of those question you have to get to Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Reserve. There are a few short trails that are an easy hike around the park. Find out more about the park here.


    Bass River

    Bass River is a great camping location in South Jersey. I've been camping there quite a few times when I was in Girl Scouts. There are a bunch of super easy trails to walk around. Plus, there is a huge lake you can cool off in. More here.


    Belleplain State Forest

    What's great about South Jersey is it's pretty much all flat. This is great if you aren't a hiking aficionado. This trail is a bit long, 7.2 miles, but there are short hikes around Lake Nummy all under 1 mile. Get info before you hike here.

  • Virginia Rettig,
    Virginia Rettig,

    Dune Trail - Cape May National Wildlife Refuge

    There are five trails in the park, of varying length. However, my favorite is the dune trail. I am a beach girl and I LOVE the salt marsh. I even love the smell of low tide at the marsh. I know weird. Get the full list of trails here.

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