If you're child plays the video game Fortnite on the daily, then you better be diligently monitoring who they're communicating with. This is not a drill.

Earlier this year, 24 predators were arrested for attempting to lure children via the popular online game; some even presenting themselves as teenagers in spite of being full blown adults. reports that predators have also been apprehended after using other apps like Tumblr and Kik, as well as another hugely popular online video game you're probably very familiar with: Minecraft.

The problem is chat widget on the apps. Also, there's apparently no way to police all users are actually as old as they say they are when they first download the app. For example, most apps have a 13+ age restriction. Some even have 18+, but unfortunately kids can still create one and enter a false birth date.

Bottom line, you have to PARENT. Your kid gets mad at you for having to closely and sometimes uncomfortably police their gaming experience? Big deal! You're the parent, not the friend. Keeping your kid safe should be a bigger priority than making sure he or she is consistently happy with you. If your kid is always happy with you, you're probably parenting wrong. Just saying...


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