It appears that some residents of South Jersey are looking for information about divorces more than others.

According to since the pandemic began in March 2020, online searches for divorce lawyers have skyrocketed to 45% higher than pre-pandemic levels.

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We assume the pandemic has people rethinking not only their occupation but their marriage status.

Lauren Cook-McKay from says “spending more time together, having more time in general and having limited opportunities to leave the house may have resulted in some discovering their partner’s hidden traits, such as extra-marital affairs or dishonest behavior.”

This of course all leads to searches for divorce lawyers. took a look at the number of online searches for divorce lawyers in New Jersey and analyzed the data. From there, they came up with a list of the cities or towns with the most online searches, based on population.

Overall, Princeton came out on top with nearly 14.9& of the population searching for a divorce lawyer. 14.9% of the population searching for a divorce number is a huge number!

In the Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland County area, Bridgeton was ranked the highest in a Top 100 breakdown of New Jersey. Bridgeton came in at number 15 in the state with 5.3% searching for divorce lawyers online. Next in the area: Millville (#18) with 5.2% searches. Galloway (#32) and Atlantic City (#33) both had 4.4% of their populations doing divorce lawyers searches. Egg Harbor Township (#47) and Vineland (#68) also made the list.

You can check out the entire list of the Top 100 New Jersey cities a.nd towns at


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