I feel like the point of this headline kind of states itself, don't you think?

Bridgeton woman, Nakira Griner, was charged with the murder of her son. She's also charged with burning the remains, but it looks like she may not see her day in court as soon as some had hoped. Why is there even a chance she won't see justice soon? NJ.com reports that her lawyer says Griner must first go through a competency evaluation.

Apparently, Griner's attorney, Kimberly Schultz says that Griner may not be able to endure all that comes with a trial since she seems to not grasp the charges she's facing. The Assistant Prosecutor, however, begs to differ, saying that based on phone calls between Griner and Schultz, it seems that Griner is fully capable of assisting in her own defense.

The judge has issued a competency evaluation to be administered and completed from jail.

Source: NJ.com

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