Remember Brigantine Castle?

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It's been a thing of the past for years now, but if you're a long-time resident or Brigantine beach-goer your whole life, than you've at least heard of the creepy attraction that used to stand at 14th Street North. To refresh your memory, it was part of the only amusement pier Brigantine's ever had. The haunted attraction was a permanent amusement staple for nine years, responsible for bringing in a yearly $2 million plus for the island.

According to, the castle even employed over thirty people. If you never had a chance to experience the haunt, it was well-known and beloved by so many who made the castle an annual part of their summer experience. Unfortunately, the castle had to be closed due to insufficient safety standards on the pier, but you can tell by the way people still share their memories of the castle on the internet how much joy it brought to all who love a good spook.

Apparently, the first year it was opened (1976), people were lined up down the street to get in. It would end up getting so popular, in fact, that Brigantine residents brought on multiple lawsuits due to a meager parking situation as well as an insufficient number of bathrooms available to visitors. The lawsuits wound up putting a limit on the number of buses that would carry visitors on and off the island.

The structure burned down in 1986, and you'd never know anything of the sort ever called Brigantine home. Still, it's always fun to look back on what was. To get an idea of what visitors would experience walking through the castle, check out this commercial for it from the 80s.



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