Have you driven down the Black Horse Pike in Atlantic City lately?

If so, then you might have seen this:

6ABC via Youtube
6ABC via Youtube

This is Christopher Ferry of Linwood. He's celebrating a birthday this month and his sons wanted to give him something so special that he'd remember it for life. What better present than hundreds of birthday wishes, right?

As you can see, Ferry's sons, Christopher Jr. and Michael took out a billboard on the BHP with their dad's name and phone number on it encouraging people to call and wish their dad a happy birthday. Sure enough, it worked!

As it turns out, the father has been getting phone calls non-stop, some even from overseas, from people extending their birthday wishes. Christopher Ferry celebrates his 62nd birthday on March 16th!

The sons have expressed to multiple sources that they have no idea how they're ever going to top this gift!

Check out the video:

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Source: Youtube, NJ.com

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