One of my favorite travel websites has come up with the "30 Most Iconic Signs in the World", and one of them is in Atlantic City.

Any idea which one?

Thinking off the top of my head I couldn't think of which one it would be.

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As a matter of fact, I couldn't really think of one sign in Atlantic City that might be considered "iconic."

I figured it had to be something I've seen so many times that it really no longer makes an impression on me. I was correct.

It's the  "Welcome to Atlantic City" sign you see as you're on the Atlantic City Expressway heading into Atlantic City. By the way - the sign changes, and is sometimes, this:


If you're like me, you've seen the sign a million times, and it really doesn't stand out.

Ah, but to the visitor to Atlantic City, it's the beginning of (hopefully) fun and/or relaxation. THIS (Atlantic City) is the destination that they've been waiting to get to. THIS is their "Welcome to Atlantic City!"

Again, it might no longer mean much to you and I, but - here's that little reminder again - we live where people want to vacation. We are lucky! (Hey! Wipe that smirk off your face.)

Here's what the site says about our sign:

While the exact year the now-iconic sign was put up is unclear, it probably became iconic after being featured in several movies that take place in the city, such as "Bounty Hunters" starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler.

The sign has been used for several tourism campaigns and has displayed different slogans, including a lewd play on words, "Atlantic City: Always Turned On," and "In one mile, you’ll be a million miles away."

In 2015, the iconic city sign was taken down after it was discovered that there was no permit for it. However, due to local outrage, it was promptly put back up even before the proper permits were given.

Far and Wide is the website that named the Atlantic City sign one of the world's most iconic. Here are some others:

  • Broadway Street Signs
  • Chicago Theater Sign
  • Churchill Downs Sign
  • The Electric City Sign in Scranton, Pennsylvania
  • The Fisherman's Wharf Sign in San Francisco
  • The Hollywood Sign
  • Kangaroo Crossing Signs in Australia
  • London Underground Signs
  • Mall of America Sign
  • Penny Land Sign in Liverpool, England
  • Pike Place Market Sign in Seattle, Washington
  • Radio City Music Hall Sign in New York
  • Route 66 Signs in the West and Midwest
  • Universal Studios Sign in Orlando, Florida
  • Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

SOURCE: Far and Wide

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