The city of Atlantic City has 12 very different very distinct neighborhoods, many of which have evolved over time.

Can you name them all?

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Heather Perez is the Special Collections Librarian at Stockton University Richard E. Bjork Library. She's put together a fascinating video that not only identifies the neighborhoods, but gives a great history of Atlantic City. You can check out video below, after the list.

Here is the list of the Atlantic City neighborhoods. While there may be some smaller neighborhoods, Perez names these as the main neighborhood destinations..

1. Chelsea Heights

2. Lower Chelsea

3. Chelsea

4. Westside

5. Ducktown

6. Downtown Boardwalk

7. South Inlet

8. Downtown West End

9. Northeast Inlet

10. Bungalow Park

11. Back Maryland

12. Venice Park

Here's the wonderful presentation that Perez shared on YouTube:

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