New Jersey is known for having its own language. How many times do we all get asked by outsiders what the heck a "Wawa" is?

Besides the NJ-specific "weird odysseys" like Wawa, scrapple, and pork roll, NJ also serves as home to towns with some pretty interesting names. What's worse than their names is the way you pronounce them. Some of the names look like they'd be pronounced the way you say the word.

As reports though, that's obviously not always the case.


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    Mt. Ephraim

    (Camden County)

    It's tempting to want to pronounce the 'e' in like 'eh'. However, this town's name is Mount 'ee-from', not Mount 'Eff-rum'. You'll hear people say it both ways, but make sure you're someone on the right side of the fence.

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    Buena and Buena Vista

    (Atlantic County)

    It's not pronounced the Spanish way. Pronounce the 'ue' part of the word like you'd say "you". So, B(you)na. Or, as writes, "Byoona"

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    (Camden County)

    In Bergen County, there's Oakland (pronounced Oak-lind), however, this is Oaklyn (oak-lin). That won't stop people from adding the 'd' at the end, though.

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    (Atlantic County)

    It's not Ab-sick-on, it's Ab-seek-en. Don't trust your GPS, especially if you use Apple Maps. It says the former, which is INCORRECT. Thanks for playing though, Apple.

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    (Atlantic County)

    This one isn't normally mispronounced by Atlantic County natives, but some NJ residents completely fail to acknowledge the 'n' in the name and say 'brig-uh-teen'. As if it were spelled B-r-i-g-a-t-i-n-e. There's an 'n' in there, folks. It's Brig-an-teen. BrigaNtine. Brigantine. There ya go, you're welcome.