Mascots are the beloved and nostalgic physical representations of where we grew up. They always have a special place in our hearts, don't they?

Whether you'll always rep your high school or if you're more of a national sports fan, you can't help but smile when you think of the Philly Phanatic, Gritty, or, whatever mascot you associate with your hometown. Looks like Cape May Court House just got themselves a brand new one that's made himself right at home over the last week or so.

Social media is swirling with multiple reports of a random wild turkey that's been hanging out at intersections, walking around downtown, and even pecking at storefronts for about a week now. Today, he was spotted playing in some traffic at a local Cape May Court House intersection before finally getting his feathery self back up onto the side walk and, sort of, out of harm's way.

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Residents are cracking up at this bird since it seems like he's perfectly comfortable around people and situations the average turkey would probably run from. Still, what is alarming, however, is the unsettling question some Cape May Court House residents raised as to the turkey's health. That's obviously not normal behavior for that kind of bird, so some people took so social media to express their opinion that the turkey should probably be examined by a wildlife veterinarian.

Have you seen this turkey out and about in Cape May Court House? Thanks to the sherrinews Facebook page, we've got the video. Check out the turkey playing in traffic below:

If you spot the Cape May Court House turkey, take a picture and send it to us via the Cat Country 107.3 app!

Source: Facebook

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