An innocent photo of an otter wearing a mask has resulted in Facebook fans making tons of, well - stupid comments.

The amazing, wonderful Cape May County Zoo is opening this weekend, and to mark the occasion, the zoo's staff posted a cute photo of an otter wearing a mask.

Well, some on Facebook did not see the humor or the absurdness and responded with some pretty silly comments.

Here's a sample of the responses to the picture:

* "OMG!! The torture! Call PETA asap!! This is so incredibly cruel, I can't bear to see a seal with a mask on for 20 seconds!! The shame!!"

* "Why would someone put a mask on the otter?"

* "Most amazing picture ever...what a good sport that otter is."

* "I hope this is photo shopped bc it’s not cute at all! Take that mask off that poor animal!"

* "That picture is as stupid as wearing a mask! They don’t work and no one should be wearing them outside."

* "So they must have stapled it in to stay in place... good thinking Cape May Zoo... now he’s safe!"


Ladies and gentlemen! The photo is.... Photoshopped!  It's NOT REAL! No one held down the otter and made him wear a mask!

Furthermore, otters don't have ears for the mask to take hold. And, no, no one stapled the mask to the otter.

That being said, if you have a few hours to spare, you may want to check out the THOUSANDS of comments on the Cape May Zoo's post. People tend to have a lot of opinions on the wearing of masks - for people and animals.

On a serious note, if you're visiting the Cape May Zoo, please remember that our wonderful zoo runs on donations - and they've been closed for months. Please consider a few extra dollars during your next visit. After all, the animals are all wearing masks for you! LOL.

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