Clearly YouTube is very strict on certain keywords when it comes to monetizing videos. Oops. I did a video testing out this weird new razor from Schick and now my video is flagged. Why you may ask? Well, the title of my video insinuated a bit. I didn't lie or embellish the title, but it was definitely a deliberate move on my end. The title of this video is: "Take a Bubble Bath with Me + Testing Out New Schick Intuition Razor." I was in the bath for the video, however I had on clothes. When I say clothes I mean denim shorts and a bathing suit top.


My thumbnail probably didn't help either... Again, like I said, I was wearing clothes. However, I thought it would be funny to make it appear like I didn't have anything on. I was hoping that after using a whole bottle of bubble bath that my tub would look like the scene from Pretty Woman. 


However, things did NOT go my way. I had barely any bubbles. So, without the bubbles I settled for a "censored" bar to make it appear I was naked.

TSM Chelsea Corrine

I would also like to add that I cannot remember the last time I took a bath. I added the candles and wine for added drama. I really don't like white zinfandel, but I had to work with what I had.

For now, my video is flagged until YouTube manually reviews it and realizes that there is nothing wrong with it.

Now onto this stupid razor. Yes, I am calling it a stupid razor. I tried out the new Schick Intuition f.a.b. razor. What a gimmick... You may have seen commercials for this new razor. The main selling point is that the razor can be used both backwards and forwards.

Before I even tested this razor out I was confused by the idea of it. Why did I need a razor that goes backwards and forwards? When I tested this new razor out I found the answer. I didn't. Using the "pushing" feature of the razor did not work. There are two sets of blades, facing opposite directions. When I pushed the razor, it barely shaved any hair off. It was pointless.

So there you have it, my failed razor test resulted in a flagged YouTube video. A job well done for me.

Check out the video here: