Yeah, we can't make this stuff up.

You can now quite literally rent chickens through a new service aptly called 'Rent-The-Chicken'. say South Jersey farm affiliates are setting up South Jersey residents who've always wanted to own some chickens with everything they need to host these feathered friends for up to six months.

Apparently, affiliate 'Rent-The-Chicken' farms will show up at your door with the coop, the food, and the chickens, then set it all up for you. A daycare in Cape May County recently took advantage of the service. reports that it went over extremely well with the children.

South Jersey's 'Rent-The-Chicken' affiliate is the Morgan Farm located in Burlington County. They will deliver up to 50 miles from the farm's location. Apparently, there's different plans you can choose from including one that involves the hatching of baby chicks!

So, if you're someone that enjoys some farm fresh eggs every morning, but didn't want the full-time responsibility of a chicken coop, perhaps this is your solution? Cool, right?



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