How can you not feel bad for the Vineland residents that had to experience this?

Imagine you're trying to relax and enjoy your Saturday night when all of a sudden you hear gunfire or explosions that are completely unexplainable at the moment super close to your home? On the night of October 17 (Saturday), that's exactly what Vineland residents were reporting to the police.

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Enter your number to get our free mobile app reports that multiple calls came into the police on Saturday regarding some sort of boom that had sent residents' anxiety off the charts. For good reason, as it turns out. After arriving on the scene, the cops found a truck with four men inside who were in possession of fireworks, bowling balls, a cannon, and marijuana.

Yes.... a cannon.

My question is, what exactly runs through one's mind that would lead to the judgement that launching something (probably the bowling balls, but that's speculation) from a cannon would be a satisfying little Saturday night excursion? Also, how does one even acquire a cannon? Based on the reports, I'm imagining a cannon like the ones that were used from the late 1700s-early 1900s. Does the military even use cannons anymore? Seriously... it's not like you can just search Facebook marketplace for an old war cannon, right? Right......?


It'll come as a shock to no one to learn that none of the men claimed ownership of the drugs, but the 18-year-old in the group did claim the explosives. The cannon could have just been something used to launch the fireworks, but the idea of it being some sort of old pirate cannon makes the whole situation so much more intriguing. Most likely, what the cops originally described as a cannon was just the mortar they claimed to find after searching the truck.

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