Sometimes you come across something so strange that the only thing you can do is scratch your head and ask yourself , "What in the world?"

That's exactly what one South Jersey woman is doing after she and her kids happened upon a really bizarre skeleton that washed up on the beach in North Wildwood. Sure, you see wild stuff along all of the beaches here in the Garden State, but even I have to admit that I don't know what to make of this one.

The pictures almost look like it's a water dragon or something. Laugh if you want to, but this thing is something I've never seen before in my life. Evidently, neither has Jessica Andrews since she shared the pictures to Facebook in the hopes that someone might be able to identify it.

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That's why we're choosing to present the pictures to you now. It's worth getting as many eyes on it as possible, that way there's more of a chance that someone can accurately comment on what type of fish (or otherwise) the skeleton came from.

Obviously, the comments have people claiming it's everything from a sturgeon to an Atlantic spiny dogfish. It certainly could have come from a shark, but it's the face that's throwing me off with that one. Also, it looks like the thing has a claw!

I'm no marine biologist, so I have absolutely no idea what the bone structure of a shark looks like, but if it turns out to be a cape shark (another name for a dogfish), then somebody should've included "dragon" in the name rather than "dogfish," because that's what they look like when they're partially decomposed.

Check out the pictures below then comment on your best guess as to what this thing might be.

Source: Facebook

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