Not to quote Snooki from MTV's hit reality show Jersey Shore, but "where's the beach?"

That's a literally question we're all asking ourselves after seeing video footage shared by Fox29 that shows just how much sand was washed away Monday night. That's a spring storm in South Jersey for you, right?

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The rain and storms were so bad at the beaches in South Jersey on Monday, April 19, that now, there's practically no sand left along one shoreline in North Wildwood. The storm took so much of the beach with it that the bulkheads are now visible.

A video of the damage was shared to Facebook that locals are now commenting on. Most believe it's the beach along 7th Avenue in North Wildwood. As someone bluntly stated, Mother Nature will do as she pleases. Isn't that the truth?

Who knows what would've come of that section as a result of the giant sand dunes weren't erected. Now, is this the first time the storm ripped through South Jersey beaches like this? Of course, it's not. Still, it's probably safe to assume that nobody expected yesterday's weather to result in this much erosion.

If you haven't yet watched the video, you can check it out for yourself below:

Judging by the placement of the rollercoaster in the shot as well as the ramp along the seawall, it really does look like the location of this damage could be the 7th Avenue beach. Do you agree? Message us on the Cat Country app now if you think this damage is on another street.

Source: Facebook

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