2020 has been the year of all years, especially for those in the field of education.

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No doubt, the coronavirus pandemic has changed academia as we know it. Will it ever be the same? Who even can tell at this point. One thing that's true is how much teachers have had to pivot their methods to continue ensuring our children receive a decent education. At this point, decent is all we can hope for, wouldn't you say?

In light of this new pandemic world we live in, teachers have done an excellent job making sure their students are still able to learn and progress onto the next level of education. Cumberland County has released the name of who they've chosen to receive the honor of the title 'Teacher Of The Year' for 2020.

NJ.com reports that Christine Fuller has been announced this year's honor. She's the leader of the school's business academy which happens to be the state's first academy of its kind. With Fuller at the helm, the school has been able to provide students with experiences such as workshops and seminars, as well as the chance to observe professionals in the business world, thus providing them with real-life examples as to what awaits them once they embark on their careers in the field.

What's important to take into account regarding the county's choice for 'Teacher Of The Year' this year is how Fuller has continued to educate herself regarding virtual learning in modern times. This training has no doubt served her well given the current state of education amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Read more about Fuller's background HERE. Congratulations to Christine Fuller of Cumberland Regional High School on her new title!

Source: NJ.com

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