I love pretty foods. Honestly, if it looks pretty I want it. This doesn't limit itself to food, I love things that are packaged well. I am a marketing company's dream. Instagram has fueled this trend of rainbow, unicorn, holo, and over the top foods. I love it. I am throwing my hat in the ring and trying these popular Instagram foods for myself.

After the successful attempt at making the Instafamous cotton candy burrito, I wanted to try something else that was bright and colorful. This brings us to the rainbow grilled cheese. This Instagram popular food has been out for a while now. I have seen many failed attempts at making this colorful sandwich. I was very pleased when my attempt came out better than I thought it would.

Making one of these rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches is quite simple and the results look like something from a kid's movie. Make one for yourself by following along with the video!

Watch it here:

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