Throughout the day yesterday, we gave away Powerball tickets to Cat Country listeners. Did one of them actually hit the lottery for some serious cash?

Already we know that two winning tickets were sold in the Powerball drawing last night. The bad news for our winners: we didn't get the tickets from Arizona or Missouri. (Dang!) That's where officials say the two winning tickets were sold.

However, the tickets were obtained here in New Jersey, and according to the Powerball website there were 8 tickets sold in New Jersey matching 5 numbers but not the power ball  - worth $1million each. There's still hope!

Nationwide, there were actually over 8.9 million tickets that are worth something.

The winning numbers were 5,16,22, 23, 29 and powerball 6.

So, did one of our winners hit it big?

In a word: No.

According to an un-official-sleepy-eye check of the numbers from the 25 tickets we gave out one came close. The closest any of our tickets came was someone hitting two of the numbers. What does two of the numbers get you? A trip back to work this morning.

(Any winners who did not pick up their tickets yesterday may still pick them up. You know - in case we goofed or something.)

Better luck next time:(