Do you have 5 minutes, candles, and paint or Sharpie?

Then you can definitely make these candles!

I took two tall white pillar candles that are in jars, black paint, and a paint brush to make ghost and Jack Skellington candles.

For the ghost candle all you have to do is paint (or draw with a Sharpie) two small ovals for the eyes and a larger oval for the mouth.

For the Jack Skellington candle paint (or draw with a Sharpie) one oval for the left eye, a half oval for the right eye, a squiggle for the eyebrow, a curved line under the right eye, two small diagonal dashes for the nose, a curved line for the mouth with two "U" shapes at either end of the smile, and small dashes on the mouth.

You can do this project in only a couple of minutes and if you have paint or a Sharpie at home this project costs $2. I had some of these white candles at home already so it didn't cost me anything to make them.

See how I made these ghost and Jack Skellington candles here:

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