One might say it's not a great time to be an Eagles fan.

In reality, it's not a great time to be a football fan in general unless your a Chiefs or 49ers fan. Even though the Birds aren't headed to the Super Bowl this year, true Eagles fans should be proud.

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What sets Eagles fans apart from the crowd is our loyalty. If you put in some good work for our team, it doesn't matter what happens to you over the course of your career. We remember and we will be forever grateful.

That fact has never been more evident than it is at the present. It's even been exhibited by the legendary former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. He recently tweeted his congratulatory sentiments to former long-time Eagles coach Andy Reid.

We remember.

Andy Reid was the Birds' coach for thirteen years; he coached in Philly from 1999 to 2012. Now, Reid is coaching the Kansas City Chiefs and will make his first Super Bowl appearance since 2005.

is super stoked for his former coach and wishes him nothing but the best.

We're with ya too, Andy. We remember and we wish you the best!


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