The lesson here is that everyone makes mistakes. Everyone.

Even people at one of the most respected television station in the country make mistakes.

It seems that NBC10 was doing a story about the COVID-19 related deaths of Philadelphia city employees, including five city police officers.

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During the story, the television station posted a graphic that included a likeness of the city's police department shield - only this one was wrong.

Very wrong.

Some sharp eyed viewers caught the mistake and almost immediately, it was blasted out on social media.

Instead of the words "Honor", "Service", and "Integrity", the badge shown on the graphic contained the words "Coffee", "Donuts", and "Corruption."

Um, whoops!

Screenshot of NBC10 News Story
Screenshot of NBC10 News Story

To it's credit, the television station issued an apology to the Philadelphia Police Department, and the Department's Police Commissioner quickly accepted the apology.

Again, everyone makes mistakes. Let's just hope this kind of mistake doesn't happen again.

We salute all police officers, and thank them for their service!


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