After a false start last week, my long morning nightmare has come to an end.

Mill Road, just west of Fire Road in Egg Harbor Township - at the Parkway overpass has officially reopened.

The road has been detoured - mostly for eastbound traffic - since last November. With the parkway widening project in the Egg Harbor Township area taking place, the road has been detoured continuously.

It appears that both northbound and southbound bridge decks (if that's the correct term) have been placed overhead. Obviously, depending on what type of work is needed, the road could still be detoured on a case-by-case basis. The project at that overpass will not be complete for some time.

Truthfully, I'm writing this because it affects ME and MY COMMUTE! I live in EHT, and like many, I have been forced to find another route to work, about doubling my middle-of-the-night drive to work.

While, hopefully, this re-opening will provide some relief to locals, commuters in the area now have their sites set on New York Avenue in Hamilton Township, wondering when (or if) that project will be completed....

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