Depending on the year you graduated high school, it's probably been a while since you've taken the SATs.

Do you remember studying for them? Talk about a stressful time to be alive. If you're not really much of a test-taker, the whole SAT experience might have been one of the worst experiences of your life. No one can blame you. They're so dang hard!

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I had an SAT tutor for about two and a half years. I remember those times well. Now, I'll admit, I had a really solid score. It was better than most, in fact. Still, that was because I prepped for so long and sought out a third-party for help. Could I have achieved a score like that on my own? If I'm being honest, if I didn't have the help that I did, probably not.

One kid from Egg Harbor Township doesn't have ANYTHING to worry about regarding his future. The SATs are so hard, yet Hyeonjin Choi, a senior at Atlantic Christian School, has achieve a perfect 800 score on the math section of the test. This kid is set up for success!

Apparently, Choi actually really enjoy math as a subject. Believe it or not, this isn't the first time the Atlantic Christian senior achieved close to perfection. He took the SATs before and reportedly scored a 780 on the math portion. Choi says thanks to the guidance and support of his teachers, he was able to achieve literal perfection this time around.

Choi says that he'd love to attend NYU, but is exploring all of the options available to him. Sure enough, he'll have plenty of them with a score like that! Great job!


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